Range of Products

To suffice the commercial and personal needs of our valued customers we have a wide range of products via following modes of payments:

Core Services:

  • Foreign Currency Sale and Purchase
  • Remittance


Instant Transfer Services:

  • Western Union
  • Instant Cash
  • U Remit
  • Xpress Money


Remittance an overview:


Outward Remittance:

Demand Draft, Electronic Pay Order, Mail Transfer, Telex Transfer, AFEX Branches Instant Transfers, Wire Transfer and Instant Transfer.


Inward Remittance:

Inward payment orders (Telex/Fax/Agents), Agent Demand Draft, AFEX Branches Instant Transfers and Instant Transfers.


Personal and Home Remittances for family maintenance, education and medical expenses are transferred as under:

  • Speed remittances are sent through most reliable and secure services e.g. Western Union and U Remit
  • RTGS – Real Time Gross Settlement
  • NEFT – National Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Demand Drafts are issued as per customers’ need


Commercial payments against import/export of goods are made by SWIFT system through renowned banking channels’ network globally


Wholesale and Retail Bank Notes: We offer the best exchange rates for buying/selling retail and Wholesale of foreign currencies. We also have a full-fledge Treasury Department for catering the import and export of currencies.


WPS – Wages Protection Scheme


We are a renowned facilitator for payment of salaries under WPS (Wages Protection Scheme).


Loyalty Card:

  • Our Loyalty card program is basically structured for providing hassle free services to our valued clientele. The main purpose of this card is to save customers’ valuable time as well as to fulfill legal aspects of the remittance system.